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from the painful and limiting effects of burnout.

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Loss from employee turnover
due to burnout


Increase in burnout due
to COVID-19


of burnout can be
recovered from

10 Signs your Team
is Burned Out

We give everything we do our all, but then all of a sudden our motivation and feelings about our work change drastically. You are NOT alone, and The Burnout Institute is here to help.


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • 5Not giving 100% at work
  • 5Realizing a unusual change in your behavior
  • 5Escaping work with unhealthy distraction
  • 5Restless sleep / exhaustion
  • 5Anxiety
  • 5Panic attacks
  • 5Detachment from family/friends/ coworkers
  • 5Feeling a loss of passion/purpose
  • 5Lack of creativity
  • 5Analysis Paralysis

It is time to take a deep breath and take care of yourself. Let us show you how.


Authentic Direction

Have you been so focused on where others want you to be that you have lost sight of what direction you want to go? Gain 100% confidence in YOU and lead unapologetically.


Days can dance around us without connecting to ourselves and others. Leave doubt, confusion, and guilt behind while giving yourself permission to be in control.


Discover what you knew the entire time about creating a path forward! With a support squad intact from The Burnout Institute, gain normalcy as you step into the beginning of your next journey.

"I never realized I was missing FEELING in my life. And leading with ‘what makes ME feel good’ in every aspect of life....career choices, vacation planning, life planning, etc. The only time I have done that is when I chose my husband and my daughter - at least I got that right 🙂 My burnout free life will be led by feeling. I will be brave. I will be present. I will trust me."

– Kate W

"Jessica thinks forwardly and outside of the box. She understands the importance of ownership, personal growth and the importance of a culture that enables teams to work their best."

– Brian F

How It Works

The Burnout Institute is different – we are created BY those who have been burned out FOR those seeking help. We have developed the FREED(OM) Method for you:



You (and your feeling of burnout) are validated. You are welcomed & accepted here.


Stop judging yourself, just understand how you got here.


Reconnect with YOUR beliefs, not your “programming”.


Rise to embrace your self-worth, your gifts, and your “why”.


Commit to how you will manifest your “why” in your life.

(OM)ing: Enjoy the “om” – embrace, maintain & share your new high vibration self.

The Burnout Institute Programs

Rescue My Team

4 weeks

  • RPersonalized Team Kick-Off Workshop
  • RSelf-Led Digital Program where you control the pace
  • RBreak free from distractions
  • RHit restart and relieve stress
  • RGet the tools to get goals back on track
  • <Lifetime access to digital content & workbook materials

Revive My Team

8 weeks

Everything in Rescue My Team are included, plus…

  • R8 weeks LIVE Q&A coaching sessions
  • RDefine and eliminate barriers to team success
  • RRefresh your strategy
  • RAlign to your team’s most strategic traits
  • RImplement tools to avoid future burnout

Transform My Team

12 weeks

Everything in Revive My Team are included, plus…

  • RBuild uncompromising team confidence and morale
  • RPersonalize your recovery strategy through live facilitation
  • RReceive Instant feedback on your plans and actions
  • RFully accelerate your team’s potential and results

"I have a propensity to beat myself up over how somebody will react to what I do or say and Jessica acknowledges the challenge I am facing but has an innate ability to objectively look at the situation, which helps remove myself from my head, and with her person-first approach, reframes the issue to what is best for me as a whole not just what’s “right” on paper. "

– Sam W

"The timing of my connecting with you is not coincidental. Our discussion gave me hope, and wow did I need it for probably the worst experience of my career yesterday. "

– Jasmine A

"I wanted to thank you for all your professional guidance, ear to listen to our team in times of struggle, and help with our department direction. We now have an excellent framework. We are headed for great things!"

– Calli C
Jessica Walther

Meet Jessica…

Burnout was the worst pain of my life. 

The emotional trauma was a rock bottom moment that allowed to experience positive transformation.

Burnout recovery was my biggest breakthrough. It carved my path out of corporate and into entrepreneurship where I’ve achieved even greater and more fulfilling success. I see now that I was always meant to do this work – my experience with burnout made me laser focused on building a business with an unrelenting purpose of “people first”.

My team and I consistently prove to our clients that the best results are made possible by operating from the heart. Our work together is more than just a paycheck. It’s an energy source for us and our clients. How many companies can say that?

I now love life and happily indulge in creating breakthroughs for our clients, individual and corporate partners. I channel this into my consulting, coaching, speaking, and writing. This is how I know burnout isn’t just a workplace phenomenon.

Because for me, it was an awakening.

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