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Supply Chain & Commercial Strategy

Supply Chains can be stressful. Lots of moving parts, zig zagging, and creative solutions are needed to stay nimble. But how much time have you spent preparing your teams and supporting the space they need to actually BE creative?

This space is where Itivate comes in. Creativity comes from a work environment where a space is offered for creation. Once this space is established, you and your team can actually come up with that next great idea, or solve that massive problem that keeps you up at night. Let us show you the path to achieving the goal you’ve been focused on in a new and different way where we focus on getting the best out of your teams.

Design Thinking

Supporting Creative Development

Increased Innovation

Development of High Performing Teams

We tackle the work stress cycle in a unique way to bring REAL focus on goals that have been set. Gone are the days where we can force more work on people without first giving them breathing room to first end their previous Zoom meeting, and step in full focus to the next. These are the real effects of Zoom burnout. We help teams bring their full focus because they know that when they come into our session, they are safe.

Reduce Waste


Increase productivity


Gain Morale


Promote Retention

Financial Distress

What does it take to achieve financial recovery? A strategy, a plan, and ENERGY to do it. We approach planning for distress recovery differently. Our first priority is actually acknowledging the stress! We design a plan together to address the components of the stress WHILE we put the mechanics in place. You are not alone.

Uniquely, Itivate also has expertise in how to reverse the course of your business when you are in trouble.

  • Financial Option Assessment
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Revenue Stream Creation
  • Recovery Options
  • Directional Support

Planning for Recovery


Processing Trauma


Structure for Success

COVID & Catastrophic Event Recovery

The hidden advantage of the pandemic is to seek opportunity to not only recover, but evolve into an even more nimble organization. This is achieved by tapping into the power and knowledge of your #1 asset – your people! Itivate helps you make sense of it all, plug the holes, and optimize your processes so your success isn’t left to chance.

  • Preventing Leadership Burnout
  • How to Process When Bad Things Happen
  • Documented Procedures – Where Do You Start?
  • Human/Personnel Plan of Leadership, Engagement, and Empathy
  • Personal Impact
  • Productivity Tracking From a Working From Home Environment

Business Continuity


Risk Mitigation


Team Support

Supplier Diversity

The amount of money an organization spends with diverse or locally owned businesses enhances the communities we live and work in. Itivate leads with enthusiasm for supplier diversity to grow your business and the community you are a part of. We are purpose driven, naturally find people in the organization who want to make it happen.

Supplier Development


Long Term Capability


Enhanced Innovation

Relationship Development

The sentiment holds true that collaboration is best. When you are the supplier or the customer, there is no “winner” when the process or relationship is broken. When business relationships are not where they need to be the process takes longer, and the results could be so much better if we just had permission to put away our antagonist approach.

Itivate creates a safe environment for brainstorming and real collaboration to take place. To mitigate how suppliers and customers feel like they have to DEFEND their position, we create clarity through good communication – written and verbal. We are experts in fostering human and profitable relationships.


Enhanced Profitability


Documented Clarity


Repaired Relationships


Gone are the days of sustainability always being the more expensive option. How has cost changed the way we think about this very important issue? Are you still supporting sustainability off the side of your desk?

Itivate finds the best suppliers and the best promoters within your organization to make initiatives happen, and to actually be what you hoped it would be; A sustainable solution that provides lasting change, value, and a great story on how you made it happen.


Cost Effective


Social Responsibility


High Quality


As formal requirements in every industry increase, Itivate will partner with your organization to ensure compliance. With deep, cross industry ISO experience, Itivate can help your organization prepare for an audit as well as effectively deploy remediation actions for any audit findings. Some areas of focus:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management)
  • ISO 13485 (Medical Devices & Equipment)
  • ISO 45003 (Occupational Health & Safety)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)

In addition to audit preparation and remediation, Itivate provides Operational Excellence and GMP audits for existing processes paired with tools & resources to help drive improvement (internal and across your supply base) and ensure sustainment.