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Achieving More Together

  • RCombination of business/professional experience and emotional intelligence from living through it
  • RCreated the company from people who get it - it's personal to us
  • RApproachable way to bring mindfulness into the workplace → better results from your people and relationships with clients and suppliers

Our Mission

Itivate’s mission is to help leaders and organizations maximize results by unleashing their purpose, their process, and their people.

01 - Purpose

Help organizations unleash the impact they can have. Help use your muscles for good. Go beyond the bottom line to press forward with goals that matter and are inclusive of the communities you represent and serve.

02 - Process

Process experts who have always seen the benefits of transforming the way things are done. Good processes reduce stress. We work with the ones you have in place or build them from scratch. Scaling, structural/organization changes, help you find the cracks sooner.

03 - Potential

Happier people are more productive, we need to stop thinking that we can work people like robots and expect to get the best out of them. Best results are when we bring our whole selves to what we do, not shutting off an aspect of who we are.

Our Story

Itivate was formed to help burned out individuals and organizations reinvent themselves, utilize their creative potential, and live balanced lives. Jessica Walther, Founder and CEO, and her team, take a “people-first, not last” mindset to help businesses scale and realize their potential.


Jessica’s motivation…

For over a decade, Jessica demanded this “people-first” mentality in the workplace. But in 2019, Jessica found herself at a crossroads between her corporate career (its structural flaws) and her personal values and made the decision through a difficult burnout recovery process to reconnect with her authentic self.

There must be a better way…

Jessica rediscovered her passion for sustainability, art, and the creative process where she now coaches leaders and organizations using her burnout recovery/mitigation best practices. She built the Itivate team through these lesson and values so Itivate could truly “practice what they preach” and provide a unique approach to helping organizations avoid the costly impacts caused by “metrics-only” thinking and instead identify, embrace, and increase results by creating a workforce driven (and productive) by accountability, data, and authenticity.

What Itivate solves…

Jessica’s burnout brings authenticity to Itivate’s unique approach so organizations can avoid the expensive mistake of “metrics-only” thinking and instead grow with an engaged and accountable workforce.

Who We Are

Jessica Walther

Jessica Walther

The Aligned CEO

For over a decade, Jessica Walther has demanded a “people first, not last” mentality in the workplace. After burning out and coming to a crossroads between her corporate career and personal values, Jessica built The FREED(OM) Method™ to recover and help others do the same. These lessons and values established the mission of her company, Itivate, which specializes in helping leaders and organizations maximize results by unleashing their people, purpose, and processes.



Partner & Advisor

From working within startups to Fortune 500 companies, Amanda’s passion is found in leading people through change. From fearing change to embracing what is unknown, Amanda’s expertise is helping all involved be empowered through proper communication and process implementation. In supporting the mission of Itivate, Amanda is a force to be reckoned with in knowing how to support those who need it the most and teaching leaders to lead.

Itivate [verb]: to activate uncommon potential and results through application of human-first iterative processes.