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Itivate is changing the landscape of corporate America through a people-first mentality.
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Our Story

To know where you are is to understand where you came from, and we have come from quite an adventure. Rising up the ladder of top notch companies, loving what we do to discover better ways to achieve success where teams are uplifted, stress is alleviated, and people enjoy coming to work each day! Itivate is about bringing organization and joy into your daily operations that increases retention, margins, problem solving, and so much more. We are glad that you are here.

How it works?

Itivate starts with you

What are your most pressing needs and pain points? From underperforming teams to structuring supply chain and commercial strategy, we are here as your partner to build relationships that work.

People First, Not Last

Time and time again, organizations fall into an unhealthy pattern when the importance of people falls below the bottom line in priority. Itivate is here to model how when people are empowered to be at their best, the entire company reaps the benefits.

Sustainable Results

Traditional consultants may swoop into your organization, help facilitate a change, but then leave you with no plan on how to maintain what was created. Itivate is here to make a lasting difference that goes beyond our time together. All involved know what can be done working into the future.

Let’s Think Differently Together

We are not consultants – we are partners in your success. Consultants can be known for swooping in on a business need and then leaving just as fast – leaving you and your team with possible solutions, but no long-range plan and support structure. Itivate is different by how we plan for our engagement and beyond. We support your needs AND plan for when we are no longer beside you, empowering powerful solutions that continue to impact and succeed into the future.


People First,
Not Last




Culture Design


Eliminate The Toxic Work Environment


Leadership Coaching


Workplace Wellness


Collaborative Results


Change Management


Millennial & Gen-Z Engagement

Our numbers speak

We believe human-centric processes maximize ROI’s and employee retention. Here’s what’s at stake for organizations who don’t acknowledge the connection between chronic process fatigue and organizational burnout…


Burnout causes disengaged employees, which costs their employers 34% of an employees’ annual salary.


Burnout’s contribution to employee turnover.


The American Psychological Association estimates that more than $500 billion is lost every year due to workplace stress.